Inazumi Underwater Cave

"Inazumi Suichu Syonyudo"Beautiful Formative Art Full of Nature Underwater

Outline "Inazumi Suichu Syonyudo" was formed in the Paleozoic-era approximately 300,000,000 years ago and it was submerged due to the large-scale eruption of Aso Volcano 300,000 years ago, forming it to the present condition.
It is such a rare underwater cave even in the whole world, which has underwater stalactite, corallite, bell hole (The patterns of water current), and helictite.
Countless stalactite, an abyss at the depth of 40 meter (131ft), a clear stream which wells up from unknown place in the heart of the cave... The clear water makes the beauty that constantly changes and the contrast of underwater cave leads visitors to a fantasy world.

Also, as the temperature in the cave keeps 16℃ (61℉) all through year keeping the cave cool in summer and warm in winter, you can enjoy visiting fantastic "Inazumi Suichu Syonyudo" anytime in the year.
You will be relaxed feeling minus ion in the cave too.