The Ruins of Takeda Castle

"Takedajo-ato""The Castle in the Sky", Floating in the Sea of Clouds, Is Just Like "Japan's Machu Picchu"
  • Address: Takeda Wadayama-cho Asago-shi Hyogo
  • TEL:079-674-2120
  • URL:
  • Recommended Season: September ~ November
  • The Degree of Secret Places:

Outline "Takedajo-ato" has one of the popular tourist spots as "The Castle in the Sky" or "Japan's Machu Picchu", from its stone walls' appearance of floating in the sea of clouds.
It is also called, "Torafusujo", since it resembles a tiger lying down, located at altitude about 354 meters (1,161ft), on the top of "Kojozan"(Mount Kojo).

The perfect time of being able to see Takedajo-ato in the sea of clouds is through September to Nevember, early morning to eight o'clock when it's very sunny and the sea of clouds occurs. You can also enjoy red leaves of autumn too.