The New World; Dotonbori, Osaka

"Shinsekai to Dotonbori"A Prominent Bustling Street in Osaka, Which Is Called "The Kitchen of the Nation"
  • Address: Ebisu Higashi Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka
  • TEL:06-6211-4542
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  • Recommended Season: All seasons
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Outline Osaka is the central city of western Japan.
It has become a fascinating unique place, passing on its own dialect or food culture, while it has developed rapidly as the tallest building in Japan, "Abeno Harukas" with the height of 300 meters (984ft), was just built in 2014.
Dotonbori is a prominent bustling street full of stores, which used to have five theaters called "Naniwa Goza" in Edo-era.

Like the saying, "Kyoto people are extravagant in dress and Osaka people in food", why don't you eat traditional Osaka food to your heart's content?