Terraced Rice-Field of Hoshitouge

"Hoshitouge no Tanada"The Glassy Surface of the Water on the Rice Field Floating in the Morning Mist
  • Address: Hoshitouge Toukamachi-shi Niigata (About 20 minutes ride in a car from JR Matsudai station)
  • TEL:025-757-3345
  • URL:http://www.tokamachishikankou.jp/
  • Recommended Season: All seasons (The view differs to various fantastic ones according to each season)
  • The Degree of Secret Places:

Outline The rice high in quality grows well because of the extreme temperatures between morning and night and the water which is rich in nutrients.
"Koshihikari", one of the famous rice brands in the world, has being made in this area.

You can see the glassy surface of the water on the rice field from April, after snow melts until June, but you can also see a saltpan-like view when it's snowing and a beautiful green terraced field through June to August.