Kazura Bashi Bridge

"Kazura Bashi"Fantastic and Primitive Suspension Bridge Experience
  • Address: 162-2 Zentoku Nishiiyayama-mura Miyoshi-shi Tokushima
  • TEL:None
  • URL:None
  • Recommended Season: All seasons
  • The Degree of Secret Places:

Outline "Kazura Bashi" is a suspension bridge made out of vine, "Shirakuchi Kazura" with the length of 45 meters (148ft).
This bridge is one of the three weirdest bridges and it looks very dangerous at first sight, but you can enjoy it safely since it is rebuilt once every three years.
The length is 45 meters (148ft), width is 2 meters (7ft), the height from the surface of the river is 14 meters (46ft), and there is a 10 cm (4 inches) gap between each crosspiece connected with the lift net, so the view from the top of the bridge is very thrilling.

You can enjoy a magnificent view in the daytime but you can also enjoy a very fantastic view at night with it illuminated between 19:00 and 21:00.