Tomogashima Island

"Tomogashima"Japan's Real "Castle in the Sky"

Outline "Tomogashima" is the general term of four islands in Mujinto-gun; Okinoshima, Jinoshima, Torajima and Kamishima.
There used to be places for Shugendo (a Buddhist religion or sect and mystical spiritual tradition that originated in pre-Feudal Japan, in which enlightenment is equated with attaining oneself with the Kami [God]), fortress, and Ammunition depot of a former Japanese military and there are still the sites of those.
This place has become even more popular after it was equated to resembling the scenes in the animated movie, "Castle in the Sky" directed by Miyazaki Hayao, and lots of Japanese tourists visit here on weekends and holidays.
We really recommend you to visit here when you come to Japan, since there are so many ruins existing, which make this place enchanting, with reminiscent traces of historical days.

This is exactly the secret place for you since it's still unknown overseas.
There are also some accommodations on this island.
Please be sure to make a reservation beforehand, since they are all very popular. Keep it your mind that they cannot speak English in those facilities so bring a Japanese guide book with you when you visit.