Jigokudani Hot-Spring Resort

"Jigokudani Onsen"The Only Onsen Where You Can Enjoy with Monkeys

Outline Usually, monkeys never enjoy taking a bath but not the monkeys here.
At the beginning, people succeeded making them take to feeding.
Then they started to kill time, just relaxing in the facility until they got fed.
One day, one of the small monkeys happened to get into onsen and learned that it was so comfortable especially in winter. Other monkeys started to imitate them and gradually many of them have this habit now.
As time goes by, the onsen for only monkeys was made because it was thought to be unsanitary for them to be in the human's onsen.
To take a bath in an onsen is the monkey's wisdom acquired by themselves, so that they could endure the severe cold of Jigokudani in winter, when the temperature goes down to -10℃ (14℉).

That means they don't do this when it's warm or in summer time.
If you are lucky enough, they might visit you in your onsen when you're in it.
We recommend that you should visit here in the winter season.