Kisoji Tsumago-juku Inn Town of the Past Edo Era

"Kishoji Tsumago-juku"Wonderful Inn Town that is Elegantly Reminiscent of the Past Edo-Era
  • Address: Azuma Minami Kiso-machi Kiso-gun Nagano
  • TEL:0264-57-3123
  • URL:None
  • Recommended Season: All seasons
  • The Degree of Secret Places:

Outline It was prosperous as the center of the transportation, full of nature in Kiso from the Edo-era.
Even though it had fallen off as time went by, because of the campaign for townscape preservation by the neighboring residents, saying "We would never sell, never rent, and never destroy it", all the townscape has been preserved with the wonderful elegance as it used to be.
The view from the stone staircase on the way up to Koutokuji is the representative scene of Tsumago-juku.

With the taste of each season, you can enjoy all year around, but you can see the slanting rays of light from the lattice most beautifully through January to February.
There are about ten accommodations in Tsumago-juku. You can enjoy the real atmosphere of Edo-era with andon (an oil lampstand with a wood frame and paper shade), especially on the main road with fewer passers-by at sunset.