Kurobe Dam

"Kurobe Damu"The Tallest Dam in Japan and Tourist Route through "Reihou-Tateyama"
  • Address: 2-1-31 Ashikuraji Tateyama-machi Nakaniikawa-gun Toyama
  • TEL:0261-22-0804
  • URL:http://www.kurobe-dam.com
  • Recommended Season: All seasons (Alpine Route is closed in winter time)
  • The Degree of Secret Places:

Outline HHere is Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route connecting Toyama Prefecture to Nagano Prefecture.
It's a world-leading alpine route in which Japan is proud of, which we have to make many transfers to get there, using train, cable-car, bus, trolley bus and finally a ropeway, then finally we can cross it by foot.
Since Kurobe Dam is the only route where we can walk across, we can only realize how large scale it is by walking there.
Even though we cannot go across the Alpine Route in winter, we can walk through a snow wall which is about 20 meters (66ft) deep. This event is called "Yuki no Otani Walk" held between April and June every year.

You can also enjoy seeing some ponds that have kept snow-melted water, or the beautiful scene of summer time snow-capped mountains and tinted autumn leaves in autumn.