Yabusame Horseback Archery

"Yabusame"Shoot an Arrow toward the Target from a Horse Running at Full Speed
  • Address: 2-1-31 Yukinoshita Kamakura-shi Kanagawa (More places in Japan)
  • TEL:0467-23-3050
  • URL:None
  • Recommended Season: The third Sunday of April, September 16, The first Sunday of October
  • The Degree of Secret Places:

Outline "Yabusame" is one of the Japanese ancient martial arts in which you ride a galloping horse and shoot an arrow toward the target.
Its history is old and dates back to Heian-era. But the "Yabusame" being conducted at present time originally started in Kamakura-era (about 800 years ago), as one of the events of the Shinto ritual with a straight line of 260 meters (853ft) on the riding grounds, the three target boards are made out of hinoki cypress or a Japanese cedar with 80 meter (262ft) intervals toward the galloping horse's direction. The archer then shoots those targets in rapid succession from the galloping horse at full speed.
Nowadays, not only Japanese people but also people overseas know it.

Even though there are more places where we can do "Yabusame" in Japan, there are only a couple times in a year that we can try it and especially people overseas need to come visit Japan according to the date, which makes the degree of rarity high.