100 Steps Stairs

"Hyakudan Kaidan"The Lovely World That Is Bejeweled with Japan's Beauty
  • Address: 1 Shimo Meguro Meguro-ku Tokyo
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  • Recommended Season: All seasons
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Outline "Hyakudan Kaidan" has been designated as "Showa no Ryugujyo" (Palace of Dragon King in Showa-era), and was built in Showa 10 in the No.3 old building of Meguro Gajoen.
It is the only wooden architecture in Gajoen and has been designated as Tangible Cultural Property by Tokyo.
The name, "Hyakudan (100 steps) Kaidan (Stairs)" is derived of 99 steps of stairs which connect seven rooms that were used for the dinner or feast before.
The details of the walls, ceilings, pillars of each room were all made by prominent artists at the beginning of Showa-era, which overwhelm people visiting there.
Each room full of Japanese-style paintings or sculptures gives us a sense of beauty in Edo-era, alluring us to the olden days of Japan.

Also, there is a gorgeous bathroom with Japanese garden patterns, which is said to cost one hundred million yen. ($841,700.00 *the present currency)
You can never miss using it when you visit there.