The Recommended Spot of Secret Places in Japan

There are still so many places where we Japanese people know, but are still unknown to foreign people.
Japan is an island country which is extremely rich in nature.
There are many places that remain as small towns and villages; while on the other hand, there are megacities such as Tokyo.
Thanks to the vast development of public transportation, there is almost no where we cannot visit throughout Japan.
Why don't you go a little way further to some places where even Japanese people are not familiar, explore and spend your wonderful time there, while you are here in Japan.

Here, we will show you some secret places never introduced to people overseas.
Be sure to know that there are not any major tourist spots here, since we would basically like to show you secret places only.
If you would like to visit such major spots, please take a look at other websites.

There are still some secret places or facilities which we can't get permission to make an advertisement for to put it on our website, because they care about their neighbors' privacy.
Please feel free to ask us anytime if you want to have a Shinto style wedding in the place close by from your favorite place, or even if you are looking for amazing accommodations.
We also will give you information about how to transfer from the wedding location to your destination, how far and long it takes, and even the arrangement of your accommodations or taxi too. Please just ask us if you need any help.

※Japan has four characteristic seasons.
If you want to see seasonable scenery like the pictures on our website, you need to visit here, accordingly to the season.
Even if the place you want to visit says it's good for all seasons, please be very careful for the snow on the road in winter.
※ 'The Degree of Secret Places' on this page doesn't only mean how beautiful or wonderful the scenery is. It also means
・How difficult to access
・If that place is known outside Japan
・If the weather is obstructive
With all these conditions, we put each place in 'The Degree of Secret Places' on the bases of how good it is on this website.

The pages 'Location of Shinto Style Wedding' or 'Secret Places' will be updated constantly. So, please continue to check them out.

The Easiest Japanese Language Course in the World

When you come visit an secret place or any accommodation facility, most of the people working there can't speak English fluently (if at all). But you don't have to worry about it.
Here are some tips of Japanese expressions that you might need to use while you are staying there. So, enjoy speaking Japanese while you are in Japan.

Japanese Expression that you can use anywhere


Good morning!Ohayougozaimasu!



I understand. / I got it.Wakarimashita.

I came from **.Watashiwa **kara kimashita.

Good Bye. / See you again!Sayounara. / Mata oai shimashou

When you stay at any accommodation facility


My name is ** and I made a reservation here.Yoyaku shite imashita ** desu.

Should I pay when I check out?Shiharai wa chekku auto no toki desuka?

Please do it now.Ima onegai shimasu.

What time is checkout?Chekku auto wa nanji desuka?

What time is dinner?Bangohan wa nanji desuka?

What time is breakfast?Asagohan wa nanji desuka?

Could I have some water?Omizu wo kudasai.

Could I have some tea?Ocha wo kudasai.
※Most of the time, you can have free water or tea in any restaurant or facility

Could I have a refill?Okawari wo kudasai.

Thank you!Arigatou gozaimasu!
※When you want to say it at the checkout or when you leave the place, you have to say, "Arigatou gozaimashita!"

I suggest that you should remember the name of the food that you don't normally eat.

I can't eat **.Watashi wa ** ga taberare masen.
※Maybe you might have to remember two major foods that foreign people don't eat;

Raw fishSashimi

Raw meatNama niku

And, here is a useful expression that you can use when you can't understand what they say;

I'm sorry but I can't speak Japanese much. Could you please do it for us?Sumimasen. Watashi, Nihongo wa sukoshi shika dekimasen. Omakase shimasu.

Japanese people are of all kinds and generous. I promise that they will never do something bad to you.
If you know all the expressions that I showed here, you don't have to worry about anything. Japan is said to be the safest country in the world.
Enjoy your travel in Japan to your heart's content.