Surprise events

Private fireworks It would depend on the sizes of fireworks but the price includes around 20 to 50 shots of fireworks. Please let us know of your preferences such as "Bigger fireworks with less shot" or "Continuous shots with smaller fireworks". We will suggest to you the best plan according to your budget and preferences.

Fireworks require permission from the fire station and it may be difficult to do within downtown Tokyo. Please consult with us about the location.

In addition, it requires a few days to confirm your request to make the arrangements with fireworks technicians. Please allow about 1 month of lead time to acquire permission of the neighbors as well as the fire station.

Surprise events

Limousine service You can move around freely from the airport to the hotel, the hotel to the shrine, shrine to the heliport, or sightseeing downtown Tokyo and Osaka at night, anywhere you like.

The price may vary depends on the pickup time and location as well as the car type.

Bringing your own food and drinks are not allowed. We may hold on to your drink and food items if they are brought. We prepare wine, soft drinks, flowers including roses upon request. Please do not hesitate to give us your wishes in your request.

Surprise events

Helicopter excursion Available in Tokyo and Osaka only. The charter fee is for two persons. The price may change with additional passengers or flight time.

Anniversary set is available, including flowers, and celebrating with party poppers by staff.

※Flight may be cancelled due to weather.
100 % refund for the cancellation caused by weather.

※Please inquire for any request not mentioned above.
We will try to meet your request as much as possible to celebrate your new beginning with the best hospitality.
Please let us know if any of the plans need to be kept secret from your partner.

※100% cancellation fee on the day of the surprise event. Cancellation fee varies according to the surprise event menu. Please let us know as early as possible in case of the cancellation.