Basic Set (Wedding Ceremony at a Shrine) The basic fee contains all the essential items for your wedding ceremony including following services:

  • Wedding Costume and Accessories for the Bride and Groom (rental)
  • Dressing
  • Make-up
  • Fixing hair (putting on Japanese style wig, wataboshi or tsunokakushi)
  • Bridesmaid or Best Man (an exclusive assistant for your ceremony)

Choosing your favorite shrine or temple from our list , you can have a satisfying wedding ceremony of high quality. We prepare all items such as costume and accessories, and produce your wedding ceremony perfectly. Your family, of course, could attend the ceremony, where you shine the best to set off for your new life.

※In Japan, there are no less than 85,000 shrines. If you were interested in other shrines which are not on this site, we would be grateful for your inquiry. We would be answering whether we could accept your request or not.


Saturday, Sunday, and National Holiday Additional Fee This fee is added to the Base Fee on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Rent a Wig. Bunkintakashimada (the Japanese traditional women's hair style and hair accessories, kanzashi, are included) We would take the size of your head and let you try several wigs ahead of your ceremony, and would adjust the wig best for you (no additional fee).

Original Photo Album A professional photographer captures your memorial moment with pictures; your nervous moment, smiling faces and crying faces showing your deep emotion.
We produce the original and only-one-photo album in the world, using the best copies taken throughout the ceremony.

Wedding Reception This wedding reception package is a very reasonable option. After the wedding ceremony, you could take time eating, talking, and relaxing with your family and friends. Please enjoy these precious moments of a lifetime. Wedding costume and hairstyle is possible to be changed in the reception party. You may choose wedding dresses or color dresses.

This reception is NOT a stand-up meal. We guarantee your guests' satisfaction.

Interpreter (Four-hour-contract) Four hours are long enough to cover the wedding ceremony. Extra fee is required to use more than 4 hours (for example: holding wedding reception).

Reservation is required.

Any language is available.

※Wedding fees vary according to your choice of shrines and options. Please contact us freely for your any inquiries.