Shigisan Senjyuin

  • Capacity: 2~30 persons
  • Address: 2280-1, Shigisan, Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara
  • URL:

Introduction In the precinct of Shigisan Temple, you'll find the oldest building in this area. Its name is Senjyuin, which was a residence of the chief priest of this temple. According to an old myth, the area of Shigisan Temple is a holy place, where Bishamonten (the guardian god of Buddhism) appeared for the first time in Japan. Shigisan is also famous as the head temple of Bishamontenno.

We'd like to introduce the magnetism of Shigisan to you. First, you can have a scenic place at the main building, from which the view is wonderful. This location is especially fine for watching the sunrise. Second, this building is believed to be a holy place for realization of people's earnest wishes. A corridor is just under this main building. The corridor is in darkness, and during priest's practicing religious austerities, the dark and mysterious cooridor is said to give them the power to realize their wishes. Third, Senjyuin has accommodations. On the day before your wedding ceremony, you can stay and be relaxed.

Shigisan Temple has another building, whose name is "En-musubi-kannon" (the goddess of good matchmaking). They built this building, concerned with the desire of their visitors' eternal love, and for stronger and deeper bonds between husbands and wives.

Shigisan is a wonderful and happy place for you to have your wedding ceremony.