Shimogamo Jinja

  • Capacity: 2~30 persons
  • Address: 59, Shimogamo-izumigawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
  • URL:

Introduction This shrine is very famous as a world cultural heritage site. It is not evident when Shimogamo Jinja was built, but it is recorded that the decorative fence around this shrine was repaired in 90 B.C. It seems that it had already been established before then.

Shimogamo Jinja has been dedicated to the Kami of marriage and the Kami of childcare.

In the precincts of this shrine, there are famous sacred places and locations thought to be flowing with mystical energy, from which you can expect blessings of marriage. They are Renri-no-sakaki and Aioi-no-yashiro. Renri-no-sakaki is the name of the tree, which is next to Aioi-no-yashiro, a small shrine dedicated to the Kami of love and good marriage. One tree growing up from Aioi-no-yashiro is mystically intertwined with a tree next to it. These trees are said to have been connected because the power of Aioi-no-yashiro is very strong. That's why Shimogamo Jinja is known as one of the most famous shrines from which you could expect blessings for happy couples and good marriage.

Why don't you have your marriage at this mystical blessed site.