Introduction of dresses

There are several kinds of Japanese traditional dresses (Kimono), and each one carries a special meaning. You can choose the most suitable dress for your special day from the selections below.

Shiromuku (White Wedding Kimono)

From the Edo-period till now, "Shiromuku" is the most formal wedding dress.
White is a sacred color of purity, and expresses determination of the bride to adopt the family traditions of the groom.

Iro-Uchikake ( Colorful Wedding Kimono)

As popular as "Shiromuku", "Iro-Uchikake" is a traditional Japanese wedding gown with decorations of propitious signs such as cranes, turtles, pine trees, bamboo and apricot blossoms using needlework with gold and silver threads, dye, woven and leaf techniques on woven patterned colored base fabric.

The most popular base color is red, the color of an unmarried woman.
Also red is a color of happiness of new beginning.

Hiki-Furisode (Long Hanging Sleeve Kimono)

"Hiki-Furisode" is a formal wedding gown among samurai families during Edo-period. It used to be more popular than "Shiromuku" and "Iro-Uchikake" until the beginning of Showa-period.

It is often used for the dress change during the reception, and it expresses the happiness of the bride being part of the groom's family. Hiki-Furisode is a gorgeous Kimono and even more beautiful from the backside.

Montsuki-Hakama (Men's Kimono with family crest)

Wedding Kimono for men.

※There are a variety of patterns, dye, and needle work for Shiromuku, Iro-Uchikake and Hiki-Furisode to choose from. Please let us know of your preference beforehand. You can also send the images of the Kimono you wish to wear.
We are more than happy to help you choose your special Kimono.