Traditional Wedding in Japan “Shinto style wedding”

I bet most of you imagine we have a wedding ceremony in resort facilities in Hokkaido or Okinawa, when asking about a wedding in Japan.

In fact, I see so many people search for Japanese wedding with the words, ‘Okinawa wedding’ or ‘Tokyo wedding’ who visit our website.


Among them, some people already know what the “Shinto-style wedding” is and some others don’t.

We are very grateful to know that some people contact us, saying “I want to hold a Japanese traditional wedding ceremony!” or “I want to hold the ceremony in the shrine!” and also get interested in the traditional Shinto-style wedding, after they visit our website.


There are currently almost no companies which provide foreign people with the ‘Shinto-style wedding’, because of the language barrier.


There are typical and peculiar ways of manners or forms in Shinto-style wedding.

And there are not very many Japanese who can explain them to foreigners.

But you don’t have to worry about it, since even Japanese don’t know about them completely, either.

All you have to do is do what you are told to, by a chief priest or other staff of a Shinto shrine on the wedding day.

Even though they explain them to you in Japanese, you can also have an interpreter, if you would like, as well.


So please be relaxed and enjoy a Japanese Shinto-style wedding to your heart’s extent.

We promise you that it will be the best memory of your life.

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