Toilet in Japan ~Part2~

I’ll talk about the “Automatic and Warm Toilet Seat” and Japan’s “Cleanliness” today, which I told you about in the previous blog.

  1. “Automatic and Warm Toilet Seat”

Japanese people’s minds are full of “hospitality”, and even when we go to the bathroom (of course alone) we never fail to think about “hospitality”.  They invented this “Automatic and Warm Toilet Seat” from the idea that everybody wants to comfortably use the toilet.  Once we go into the toilet, the toilet seat opens automatically.  Plus, if it’s cold, it makes our bottoms warm with the warm seat as well.  Then after you finish and leave the toilet, it flushes and closes automatically.  I’ve heard that all the foreign people who have experienced this warm ‘hospitality’ in Japan, say “I’m like a king!!”



  1. “Cleanliness”

Not only are the visitors from overseas surprised at Japan’s high technology, but they are also amazed at Japan’s clean toilets.  That’s because Japanese people always think, “To clean toilets is the same as to clean our minds” in their minds. Japanese engineers try hard to make the toilet products with functions of antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

I bet nobody overseas would believe this but the song called, “Toilet no Kamisama” (God in the Toilet) released in 2011, became a big hit in Japan.

washlet005 washlet006



How did you like it?

When you have a chance to visit Japan, give a try to the full-course toilet!

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