Automatic Door of the Taxi

What kind of transportation will you use when you come to Japan?

Since Japan is not a big country, we can get to any place from the north (Hokkaido) to the south (Okinawa) within a day.

This taxi has a typical function in Japan, which all the tourists from overseas are amazed at, when they first come to Japan.

It’s that the door of the back seat opens automatically when the customer approaches, and closes when he/she gets on.


Actually, it’s not automatic, since the drivers have to pull the lever next to his seat to do that.  But since the drivers do that very naturally, the tourists seem to be amazed, especially for foreign people who use the taxi for the first time in Japan.


Even though we, Japanese people, take for granted this service, I think it might be making Japan the country where they can naturally offer people ‘hospitality’.

We also offer the service producing your wedding (Japanese traditional Shinto style wedding).  Most of the customers from overseas who have our wedding service often use the taxi, but all of them say, “We were surprised at the door of the taxi!”

Why don’t you get in a Japanese taxi and feel the hospitality, even for a short distance when you visit here?

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